Live View  – Commercial Surveillance Cameras

Live View – Commercial Surveillance Cameras

Commercial surveillance cameras are becoming more and more common has camera prices continue to drop and resolution improves.

To provide you an example of how this works, we are pulling in the phone, internet, TV, audio, CCTV wiring for the Harbor View Hotel in downtown San Diego, as well as installing cameras and music system.  Below are links to both a pan-tilt zoom camera and a fixed camera.

As you will see, the pan-tilt camera has a great zoom and lots of controls to choose from.  Zoom in on the far corner of the site and you will be impressed.  You can move the camera by dragging a box on the actual image or you can you the sliders.  Click anywhere on a slider and the camera will move to that point (pan and zoom sliders are below the image and tilt to the right of the image). Also, to center the camera on an image just single click on that spot in the image.



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